Unlike other “About” pages, this one is weird. I’m just going to talk about myself in the third person. Victor Johnson is the creator of this blog and the content found herein. For the most part, Mr. Johnson spends his days frolicking through the forest with his wolf. While his wolf isn’t actually a wolf, it’s close enough in his opinion that he considers it just that, a wolf. Although, not feral, but tame. In reality, this “wolf,” to put it in his words, is a champion-sired purebred Siberian Husky with two different colored eyes and a reddish hue to his fur. This miniature wolf of sorts has very little to do with Victor’s presence on the Internet, however, as far as this particular blog is concerned, it may very well prove to be a recurring theme in the torrent of content that this blog is sure to see published.

Victor, a California native, is currently residing deep in the quiet mountains of New England. It is from here that he’s found an abundance of time to pursue his interest in computers, or to be more specific: the Internet.

Enjoy whatever it is you find here.


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